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Vanessa is a magic road in honour of Vanessa Riddle, an inspirational young lady who lost her battle with neuroblastoma on June 1st 2018, aged 17.

Vanessa fought the disease for nine years – over half of her young life – but always did so with a smile on her face and an attitude that said “I will never give this up”.

The Vanessa Riddle appeal has raised over £800,000 in support of treatment for Vanessa herself and research into finding a cure.

Vanessa’s magic road mirrors herself: it’s fun, it’s inventive, it’s elegant and ultimately, it’s challenging.

As you ride the road, try to imagine how each letter has been designed to match her signature, and how each climb reflects a battle along the way.

The road is located on the hill above her home village of Loans, just outside Troon on the west coast of Scotland. Because the road sits on a hill, there are plenty of wee climbs to challenge your legs: but don’t fret because each ascent is short: some quite relaxing, some less so.

So take yourself across to RGT Cycling and import the magic road code into your personal library then challenge yourself.

RGT Magic Road code: S4xvw2uuC3CC

Total distance: 4.98 mi
Max elevation: 206 ft
Min elevation: 133 ft
Total climbing: 493 ft
Total descent: -493 ft

Help kids like Vanessa. Visit: