Around The World In 800 Days is a site devoted to the warriors who’ve fought cancer, and the supporters of the Ride2Cure journey.

However I’d like to widen the scope to include a special supporter, my brother Mike who has always been proud of what this journey has been about since it started in back in 2013. But sadly Mike won’t see this final adventure play out as he was taken from us following a haemorrhagic stroke in July 2021.

Not having Mike’s words of wisdom this time around hurts like hell. It still feels very raw, but there’s a job to be done in his memory.

I hadn’t got round to telling him that my final escapade was going to re-create Mark Beaumont’s epic 2017 round the world gig: I thought I had all the time in the world to do that: sadly, as it turned out, I had none.

I think Mike would have raised his eyebrows once again, but I think he would have approved.

Mark Beaumont took just 79 days to complete his world record navigation of the globe. I’ve taken the name of the similarly named film and slapped an extra zero on the end to provide some much needed respite from long days in the saddle.

Around The World In 800 Days #ATWI800D

Every stage will be a magic road on RGT: keep checking back for new ones…..

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