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Stage 95 – Sheloksha to Rabotki

Shit just got real. This journey around the world is about to enter some choppy waters in terms of the amount of climbing on offer, stage after stage after stage. You are entering those choppy waters on stage 95.

The rollout kicks off with the recrossing of the Shelokshochka river, which stage 94 approached downhill from the north west as it neared the finish. The road rises straight after the recrossing but drops back down again before crossing the river a third time at Novolikeyevskiy after six miles. The fact that the elevation is a hundred feet lower there than it was at the rollout suggest that the stage follows the direction of flow.

On leaving Novolikeyevskiy, the road rejoins the main M7 Volga highway heading south east way from Nizhniy Novogorod: and there’s work to do. The road rises steeply away from Novolikeyevskiy, climbing at over a hundred feet a mile for over three miles: the crest, at Vetchak on ten miles, is not even the highest elevation of the stage.

The descent down to the Kudma river crossing at fourteen miles, is steeper than the initial climb up from Novolikeyevskiy: and as with all river crossings, it can only mean one thing: another climb lies in wait on the other side: this one is more severe, both in distance and elevation. The initial climb crests at Priozer’ye at sixteen miles before a short but steep descent drops down to cross the Shavka river at Zaprudnovskiy. Then the climbing starts all over again, rising initially to Goryan’kovo where the incline kicks in viciously for a further mile and a half to the summit at the junction to Volzhskii at twenty one miles.

Thankfully, that’s the climbing done for the stage, and the remaining mile to the finish at Lavrovka is all downhill. But it’s a tough stage, and everything you need to prepare mentally for what’s to come.

Distance: 23 miles / 37 kilometres

Ascent: 955 feet / 291 metres

RGT Magic Road: zT1vlfIWKSUI

Total distance: 22.54 mi
Max elevation: 571 ft
Min elevation: 199 ft
Total climbing: 955 ft
Total descent: -825 ft

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