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Stage 91 – Vyazniki to Gorokhovets

Stage 91, perhaps better described as the stage of the two hills. The rollout is from the Bolymotikha on the southern edge of the town. The first half of the course follows a south easterly direction before a long sweeping left hander takes the Volga highway north east into Gorokhovets.

The first three miles are gently downhill and that allows you to get into a rhythm. But as you pass by Fedurniki, the road hangs to the right and you are immediately hit with the first climb of the day: a hundred feet in only half a mile. By the time you reach the junctions to Danilkovo and Sekerino, you’re over the worst of the climb but the road keeps on rising for another three miles and it’s not until you reach Ilevniki at seven miles that you get some respite. There’s a small bump as you pass through Mitino at ten miles before the descent really gathers pace and gradient before bottoming out at Kritovo, which also hosts the yellow kite.

That’s followed by a gradual two mile climb before a much sterner test kicks in. Miles fourteen to eighteen are generally testing in nature and feature no fewer than three sharp climbs followed immediately by three equally sharp descents. The full climb itself, all the way from the kite, is eight miles, and ends as you pass by Mokeyevo, Knyazhichi and Arefino in quick succession.

The good news, having done all that climbing, is that rest of the stage is steeply downhill: steep and getting steeper: indeed the total descent over the last three miles is over two hundred and fifty feet. The run to the line in Gorokhovets features a two mile straight as the road homes in on the crossing of the Klyazma river, a feature right at the start of stage 92.

Distance: 23 miles / 37 kilometres

Ascent: 568 feet / 173 metres

RGT Magic Road: Ltg5C9rCSKkk

Total distance: 22.48 mi
Max elevation: 595 ft
Min elevation: 325 ft
Total climbing: 567 ft
Total descent: -666 ft

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