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Stage 80 – Lama to Novodar’ino

A great stage. I love it when most of the climbing happens in the first half, which is precisely what happens here. Uphill, downhill, uphill, downhill then uphill pretty much sums up the first half, so after you reach the yellow kite, it’s gently downhill all the way to the finish. It flattens a bit at twenty miles but by then you’ll be flying for the line anyway.

As we head towards Moscow, the towns just come thick and fast. After leaving from Lama, this stage passes by Ryabinka almost immediately, followed by Mashinostroitel. At seven miles, just after Shedludkovo, the M9 passes by the Moscow Raceway, an FIA grade 1 circuit capable of hosting Formula 1. At nine miles, an interchange heads north to Davydkovo and south to Greben’ki. That’s followed by Naezhdino at ten miles, and a further interchange to Novopetrovskoe and Andreikov at thirteen miles. That junction marks the crest of the summit, and it’s basically downhill on the other side.

The towns are too numerous to mention on the downslope, but Mozgazset’stroy, Ryzhkovo and Khutorki are worth a shout as they form a metropolis in the northern side of the road between miles eighteen and twenty one. The finish is at the interchange that leads to Novodar’ino to the north and Skryabino to the south, immediately before the crossing of the river Mayala Istra.

Distance: 24 miles / 38 kilometres

Ascent: 486 feet / 148 metres

RGT Magic Road: iiUoWYDcOKEd

Total distance: 23.52 mi
Max elevation: 1355 ft
Min elevation: 1047 ft
Total climbing: 484 ft
Total descent: -718 ft

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