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Stage 77 – Shipulino to Pogorelo Gorodishche

This is a busy stage. It undulates up and down for virtually its entire twenty three mile length, with the exception of one or two more pronounced climbs at half a mile, five miles, seventeen miles, eighteen miles and twenty two miles. However there’s one much more testing ascent just before halfway that runs at 4% for half a mile and that’s the one that will sort out the field.

Leaving from Shipulino on the southern edge of Rzhev, the route heads south east past Aristovo then Lunevo at five miles before arriving in the metropolis of Zubtsov at nine miles where the main M9 highway crosses the river Volga, the longest river in Europe at three and a half thousand miles. Not unsurprisingly, the Volga crossing provides the lowest elevation point of the day before the road climbs sharply to Shirkino and Pometkino. Once that climb’s out of the way, the road is dead straight for eleven undulating miles, passing by Staroe Ctapoe at eighteen miles and Nosovo at twenty two miles. The road then dips down to cross the river Derzha before climbing back up to the finishing straight on the outskirts of Pogorelo Gorodishche.

Distance: 23 miles / 37 kilometres

Ascent: 659 feet / 201 metres

RGT Magic Road: CjlOp7cQz8SC

Total distance: 23.47 mi
Max elevation: 1089 ft
Min elevation: 928 ft
Total climbing: 658 ft
Total descent: -614 ft

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