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Stage 767 – Baraona to Almazan

After all the climbing of the previous two stages, stage 767 will come as some relief. It still throws up more ascent than many stages that actually carry the tag, but a thousand feet of descent make this a stage to be enjoyed rather than endured once it gets close to halfway. The route is north east, and while it has hills at the front end, the back end is relatively flat by comparison and that’s what gives the stage its descending tag.

The rollout is straight, relatively flat and north east for two miles, and that’s where the road bends left into Villasayas down a relatively steep descent with hills left and right. The bottom of a descent wouldn’t be the bottom of a descent without water and this one’s no exception: the Rio Bordecorex flows right to left with Fuentegelmes its next port of call three miles to the west.

After Villasayas, the road climbs and tacks north east as it meanders its way up the hillside and peaks in the middle of nowhere where dirt roads head left and right. That marks the spot where the descent begins in earnest and although the road flattens out a tad by the time it arrives in Cobortelada at nine miles, the descent resumes immediately after and is still going strong when the road passes by Almantiga at ten miles and La Dehesa a couple of miles after that where the Rio Moron flows right to left under the highway. Shortly after La Dehesa, the route rolls into Almazan where it hangs a right/right in the centre of town before bending left/right on the way out to cross the main A-15 autoroute: it bypasses the town by virtue of a sweeping set of right/left/right bends heading in the same general direction. The finish of the stage is just over a mile after crossing the A-15 and is on a gentle climb heading straight and north east to the junction with La Milana.

Distance: 17 miles / 27 kilometres

Ascent: 653 feet / 199 metres

RGT Magic Road: hGWPJ6eTxubG

Total distance: 16.47 mi
Max elevation: 3715 ft
Min elevation: 3136 ft
Total climbing: 655 ft
Total descent: -1094 ft

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