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Stage 756 – Fuente el Fresno to Estacion Urda Peleches

The immortal phrase “A game of two halves” applies perfectly well to stage 756, which could suitably be termed ” a stage of two halves. Heading out initially north east, the N-401 highway curves north west after just three miles then spends the remainder of the stage tacking north west for Toledo. It did look a couple of stages ago when the route was already east of Toledo that it might miss out on a visit from Around The World but after this stage is over, it’s now a stick on to be in close proximity around stage 758.

And so to the detail. The rollout is uphill for a mile before the N401 curves right to aim for the valley between hills that sit left and right north of Fuente el Fresno. Although there’s brief respite in a the form of a short flat section at three miles, the gradient picks up again soon after and by the time the road crosses the Arroyo Cambron river shortly after, the climb is well under way.

The road swings left on a long looping curve between the hills at four miles and the climb continues all the way to the summit just after seven miles where the CM-4167 heads off right to Urda. The summit is the highest point of the stage, just as the start was the lowest. It took seven miles to climb five hundred feet: it takes almost thirteen miles to lose four hundred of them by the finish: the descent is relentless with the exception of a short flatter section at fifteen miles.

Off the top, the first settlement is Estacion Urda Peleches after fifteen miles where minor roads cross east/west, linking Urda with Los Cortijos. The Arroyo del Rinconcillo river crosses under the road flowing west to east at seventeen miles, then around the next right hander a mile later, the Arrooyo del Vallede la Cacel follows suit. The road straightens up after the crossing and the finish is just a mile later near to the spiritist centre at Finca La Caleruela.

Distance: 20 miles / 32 kilometres

Ascent: 587 feet / 179 metres

RGT Magic Road: OaPkVmTmewUo

Total distance: 19.97 mi
Max elevation: 2658 ft
Min elevation: 2153 ft
Total climbing: 587 ft
Total descent: -449 ft

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