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Stage 75 – Mirnyi to Ladygino

As the main M9 highway heads remorselessly on towards Moscow, the roads are pretty much straight, except for one or two meandering bends. This stage starts a couple of miles north of Mirnyi, passing the junction heading north to Mezheninka after two miles and Kholmets after ten miles. In between there’s basically nothing but rolling, rural countryside.

The first five miles are largely downhill before a gently undulating ten mile mid section delivers you to a short, sharp climb, at the top of which is a junction heading north to Pogorelki and south to Olenino. The railway line from Moscow to Riga, which we’ve been following ever since the Latvian border, lies a couple of miles to the south of the M9.

In pretty swift order after the sixteenth mile, the road passes by (but not necessarily through) the villages of Nazarovo, Lapichino, Sady, Glinovka, Kurchevskie, Krivoulitsa and finally Ladygino. The finish is mile past the latter on an uphill straight.

Distance: 24 miles / 38 kilometres

Ascent: 486 feet / 148 metres

RGT Magic Road: P0VTCT5diwKI

Total distance: 23.47 mi
Max elevation: 1210 ft
Min elevation: 1086 ft
Total climbing: 480 ft
Total descent: -515 ft

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