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Stage 748 – Santa Amalia to Campo Lugar

Having effectively curved left (and hence north east) since crossing the border into Spain at Badajoz, the route is now heading full steam, albeit several stages away yet, towards Toldeo and Madrid. Stage 748 is a climber in the sense that it ascends almost twice as much as it descends, yet there have been many stages that have been descenders that have climbed more than this one. In short, it’s a climber but it’s a long drawn out slog rather than a brute.

The rollout is north east and immediately (gently) uphill through Valdehornillos after two miles before the road crosses three streams flowing left to right under the road ahead of the EX-A2 Highway at Vivares after seven miles. After Vivares, the road sets off on a long looping right hander of a curve that’s still going when it crosses the Arroyo del Burro at ten miles, which is just ahead of a short sharp climb into Casar de Miajadas half a mile later.

The five mile curve comes to an abrupt end at Puebla de Alcollarin at thirteen miles where the route turns left onto the EX-354 and starts heading north. This is a good turn because it adds significant northerly miles before the end of the stage. The highway passes by Pizzaro at fifteen miles and it’s around there that the gradient starts to increase as the final climb to the finish – and the highest elevation of the stage – gets underway.

After Pizzaro, the road crosses over the Canal de Orellana at seventeen miles and the climb continues to Campo Lugar when the road turns right off the EX-354 south of the town. As the route skirts around the town anti-clockwise, there’s just enough time and distance for one more down and up that crosses the Arroyo Duranejo just before the finish line.

Distance: 20 miles / 32 kilometres

Ascent: 407 feet / 124 metres

RGT Magic Road: fY48bU0YP3MV

Total distance: 19.47 mi
Max elevation: 993 ft
Min elevation: 827 ft
Total climbing: 406 ft
Total descent: -242 ft

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