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Stage 72 – Kunya to Pesno

The stages don’t exactly get any easier. Hard on the heels of stages 70 and 71, we have this little tester to burn your legs. Although the stage proclaims to start at Kunya, in reality it starts a few miles to the east, in the middle of nowhere, just north of Lake Kodosno.

It’s a downhill start followed by a short sharp climb up to the junction of the M9 with the 58K-164 rural road to Vorob’i in the north and Plotichno to the south. The sharp descent down from the summit passes the junction to Khudobino and Tarasovka at six miles. And that’s where the fun starts: the next nine miles are uphill, except for a short bit of respite at twelve miles: the hill just seems to go on and on.

That’s followed by a two mile descent to a junction that leads north to Oktyabr’skii and south to Selyane. Then the pain kicks in all over again. There’s a little bit of respite at twenty one miles, but it’s over and done with very quickly. You’re basically climbing hard from seventeen to twenty one miles and again from twenty two to almost twenty four. The downhill finish is just before Lake Pesno.

The hills on this stage are long, even if they’re not particularly steep, and you’ll get off the bike thinking that you really didn’t get much rest.

Distance: 24 miles / 38 kilometres

Ascent: 932 feet / 284 metres

RGT Magic Road: f8W5fEWDhaee

Total distance: 24.51 mi
Max elevation: 1331 ft
Min elevation: 1002 ft
Total climbing: 932 ft
Total descent: -981 ft

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