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Stage 715 – Sainte Helene de Kamouraska to Riviere du Loup

Three miles from the end of this stage, the road turns right and starts climbing. Normally that would bad news but not in this instance: thirteen stages after passing by Montreal and being roughly level with Nova Scotia in terms of latitude, the Around The World route has started the latitudinal descent that will take it across the top of Maine (USA) and into New Brunswick for the journey to Halifax and the end of the North American leg. The stage is flat, then there’s a lump, then it’s flat again for another short while, then there’s another lump. Then it’s flat for the same length of time again, then the road turns right and climbs away from the St Lawrence River: then it’s flat (ish) again to the finish. The elevation at the start is seven feet higher than it is at sixteen miles. The elevation at the finish, which is also the highest point on the stage, is three hundred feet higher than it is at sixteen miles.

The rollout is straight, flat and north east for almost two miles past the camping site at Le Racouin before Highway 132 hits an up/down at a second camp site: Camping de la Batture SEBKA. The road then trundles on through Saint Andre before cutting slightly inland at six miles, and that brings about the second climb. After rising for a mile, the highway drops back down gently to cross the Riviere Fouquette at nine miles followed by the Riviere des Caps shortly after.

The terrain remains flat, albeit briefly, as long as the road remains next to the river, but after eleven miles it cuts inland again and the climbs starts all over again. This time it’s short and sharp, putting on a hundred and fifty feet to twelve miles, before a lumpy but gentle downhill section rolls through Notre Dame du Portage at thirteen miles to the bottom of the descent at the Club de Golf Riviere du Loup.

On leaving the golf club, Highway 132 crosses over the Autoroute Jean-Lesage (Route 20) and immediately starts climbing again. By the time the highway has arrived at the right turn in the centre of Saint Patrice, the road has already gained a hundred and fifty feet in just over two miles. After the turn, which is outside the Palais de Justice de Riviere du Loup, the road curves left and crosses the Riviere du Loup at the top of steepest part of the climb at twenty miles. That signals a flattening of the terrain and as the road rolls through the Parc Leopold-Mailloux district, it straightens before crossing Route 191 and running in to the finish at the junction of Avenue Premier which leads into a High Tech Industrial Estate.

Distance: 23 miles / 37 kilometres

Ascent: 725 feet / 221 metres

RGT Magic Road: rnaANrQubwTG

Total distance: 22.53 mi
Max elevation: 337 ft
Min elevation: 31 ft
Total climbing: 722 ft
Total descent: -419 ft

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