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Stage 702 – Chambly to Saint Charles sur Richelieu

East of Montreal, right enough. Stage 702 starts east of Montreal, nudges a bit closer along the Bassin de Chambly before heading north on a trajectory that probably brings the city of Quebec into play. It’s a descending stage in which the highest elevation is at the start and even though the lowest elevation isn’t at the finishing line, it’s close enough on a relatively flat road to make little difference.

The rollout south of Richelieu is initially flat but then it suddenly dives downhill without warning to the Bassin de Chambly into which the Richelieu River flows from the south. On arrival at the Bassin, Highway 133 crosses the Riviere des Hurons which flows into the Bassin from the east. at the top end of the Bassin, the Richelieu resumes its course north and the road swings right around the community of Saint Mathias sur Richelieu. Next up at five miles is the Saint Mathias Aerodrome which sits on the right hand side of the road whilst on the other side, next to the river, is the Saint Mathias Water Aerodrome.

At nine miles, Otterburn Park sits on the right of the river looking across at McMasterville beyond the western bank. The route rolls through Otterburn Park then just a mile later does exactly the same at Mont Saint Hilaire with Beloiel just across the water. The road continues on north and after passing under Highway 20 at twelve miles, making its way further north to Saint Marc sur Richlieu after passing by the islands of Ile aux Cerfs and Ile de Jeannot on the inside of the right hand bend at sixteen miles.

All of this time, the elevation profile isn’t doing a great deal and that becomes even more apparent after passing through Saint Charles sur Richelieu close to the lowest point on the stage. However shortly after passing that point, where the Riviere Amyot flows into the Richelieu from the east, the road bends left and ends the stage opposite the Montee Deslauriers on the opposite bank of the river.

Distance: 21 miles / 34 kilometres

Ascent: 174 feet / 53 metres

RGT Magic Road: ECJn1TMb9UV5

Total distance: 21.24 mi
Max elevation: 277 ft
Min elevation: 157 ft
Total climbing: 168 ft
Total descent: -286 ft
Download file: Stage 702 - Around The World In 800 Days.gpx

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