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Stage 69 – Pustoshka to Novosokolniki

Slowly but surely the screw is turning. The last four days, excluding this one, have averaged over 600ft of climbing. This one was 646ft. The next two stages are double that. Once you get onto these slopes, there’s no hiding pace.

Stage 69 is a meandering run east, starting a mile outside Pustoshka. After a gentle flat mile to warm up your legs, you encounter a short rise, followed by a descent then a longer climb that tops out at four miles as you pass close by Lake Usvecha. By this time you’re riding in the forest and a mile further down the road, you pass by the town of Pyatovshchina. With five miles on the clock, you’ve got a couple of miles to recharge your legs before the climbing starts again: it’s a two parter: the first summit is at ten miles by the crossroads that leads to Kornilkovo on one side and Lashkovo on the other side. When you come down off the second summit, the road drops down to Lake Spaster, which sits on the opposite side of the road from the town of Maevo. Now you’re at fifteen miles with nine to go.

Borisovo follows at sixteen miles, followed by Savast’yanovo at nineteen miles. This heralds a rollocking descent which delivers you down to the lowest altitude of the day as you past through Molodi at twenty two miles. That leaves one more sharp climb before a final one mile descent to the finish on the approach to Novosokolniki.

Distance: 24 miles / 38 kilometres

Ascent: 646 feet / 197 metres

RGT Magic Road: RIcg9B1oPRr5

Total distance: 24.54 mi
Max elevation: 1241 ft
Min elevation: 960 ft
Total climbing: 647 ft
Total descent: -718 ft

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