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Stage 666 – Seney to Newberry

Having tacked north on stage 665, the ATW route picks up the original route on stage 66 and is able to start heading east between Lake Superior to the north and Lake Michigan to the south towards the Canadian border which is now only four stages away. The elevation profile shows the stage to be a climber but that doesn’t tell half the story because all of the action is reserved for the second half where things get quite tasty.

The rollout west of the Fox River follows the water north to Seney where Highway hangs a right a right onto Highway 28 heading east. It’s a staggered junction west of the town because in the middle of Seney, H77 turns left (north) off H28 while the ATW route continues east along Highway 28.

The road snakes left then right as it heads out of town, and after seven miles of relative calm, the highway starts climbing as it makes its way across the forested area of The Spreads. The next feature of any significance is the East Branch Fox River which Highway 28 crosses part way up the climb at eight miles: the river merges with the Manistique River further south and together, they flow as one into Manistique Lake ten miles to the south.

At eleven miles, on the approach to Laketon, the climb is interrupted by a sharp descent that crosses Kings Creek on a left hand bend just before the town. The road then swings right again and runs east and downhill to fifteen miles to McMillan where the road starts climbing steeply as it negotiates the right hander on the eastern side of town. The climb is short and sharp: one hundred feet in exactly a mile to the highest elevation of the stage, but once over the top, the road descends to East Lake at seventeen miles where the roads curves left. That’s followed there’s a gorgeous descent that runs straight for four miles to the finish north of Kaks Lake and Maki Lake at the junction of Highway 117 on the approach to Newberry Country Club.

Distance: 22 miles / 35 kilometresAscent: 374 feet / 114 metres

Distance: 22 miles / 35 kilometres

Ascent: 374 feet / 114 metres

RGT Magic Road: kXKuiPqVxzEC

Total distance: 21.47 mi
Max elevation: 869 ft
Min elevation: 742 ft
Total climbing: 374 ft
Total descent: -346 ft
Download file: Stage 666 - Around The World In 800 Days.gpx

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