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Stage 658 – Pensaukee to Peshtigo

The journey up the western shore of Lake Michigan continues with this uphill stage to Peshtigo. It climbs steeply at the start, then it’s calm to halfway before a long gentle rise sets up a very lumpy up and down finish. The route is a meandering north/north easterly but that’s of little significance because there’s only one way to go in any case, and that’s to follow the side of the lake.

The rollout on County Highway S is steeply uphill for almost a mile before the road peaks at Pecor Point Lane. There’s then a descent, which is steep at first before it flattens out, to Oconto at four miles. There, the highway crosses the Oconto River before turning right onto County Road Y which follows the line of the river down to the lake. Approaching the dockside, the road hangs a left and tracks the water’s edge, remaining flat calm as it does so.

However at twelve miles, the road turns left and north while the shoreline is still heading east. That effectively means heading inland, even though it’s the right direction to be going in. The road climbs gently but consistently for four miles to sixteen miles, then there’s a short flat bit to the junction with Highway 41, but once the route gets onto the highway, it all kicks off.

Route 41 snakes around the southern and eastern perimeter of Peshtigo like a by-pass and as it does so, it climbs and descends around thirty feet not once, not twice, not three times but four times, one of which (not the last one) is the highest elevation of the stage. Where’s the lowest elevation? Oh, that was back at the start when you were sitting in the pen, waiting for the timer to drop to zero.

Between the second and third of the four climbs, the road descends to cross the Peshtigo River on its meandering way down to the lake, and as it does so, the river flows through the Green Bay West Shores State Wildlife Area. There are small bunches of water left and right as Highway 41 tracks north east, and it’s approaching one of those at the junction with the old route 41 that the stage ends just short of the flyover.

Distance: 22 miles / 35 kilometres

Ascent: 246 feet / 75 metres

RGT Magic Road: Fcy8YnLsrshI

Total distance: 21.46 mi
Max elevation: 643 ft
Min elevation: 557 ft
Total climbing: 246 ft
Total descent: -163 ft

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