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Stage 655 – Five Corners to Shawano Lake

There’s one more stage to Lake Michigan after this and it looks for all the world that somewhere very close to Green Bay is the destination for the run up the western shore of the lake. Stage 655 is another one that runs east in more or less straight order, and it’s also a descender, albeit a lumpy one.

The rollout is straight and east to the junction with County Road D which heads north to nearby Tilleda. Straight after the junction, Highway 29 snakes right then left past Pine Grove Campground which hosts Kroening Lake. All of this time, the road is descending, but with lumps thrown in that try to claw back, unsuccessfully it must be said, the elevation given up.

From five miles to thirteen miles, the road is straight and flat in the end to end sense, but with an annoying lump at ten miles where Highway 29 intersects with County Road U. At the end of the straight lies the small community of Thornton, and from there, Highway 29 hangs a right to start descending south east down to Richmond Park and Shawano. Halfway down the descent, the ATW route hangs a looping left off Highway 29 onto County Road MMM and it crosses the Wolf River east of Richmond Park at eighteen miles.

The route is then flat to within half a mile of the finish and the road runs straight and east past Shawano Municipal Airport before hanging a right at Shawano Lake and climbing for the last half mile to the finish.

Distance: 23 miles / 37 kilometres

Ascent: 305 feet / 93 metres

RGT Magic Road: 1n7kXsb0vA7M

Total distance: 22 mi
Max elevation: 978 ft
Min elevation: 776 ft
Total climbing: 307 ft
Total descent: -475 ft

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