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Stage 647 – Misha Mokwa to Mondovi

The course of stage 647 is dictated by the need to avoid climbing over the surrounding hills on minor dirt roads and the outcome of that is a run north to Durand followed by a run east through the valley towards Mondovi. The first half of the stage is generally flat or downhill then there’s a nasty little climb that gives way to a long gentle climb which in turn leads to a lumpy descending finish.

The rollout is gently uphill on the eastern edge of the Tiffany Wildlife Area, heading north. The Chippewa River flows south a mile to the west and between the two, Buffalo Slough also winds its way south across the wetlands. Somewhat strangely however, Little Buffalo Slough actually splits off from the Chippewa River at the top end of the wetland, before merging with the main Buffalo Slough after a couple of miles before that stream finally flows back into the Chippewa close to the Mississippi.

Having climbed gently to Chippewa View Heights at six miles, Highway 25 descends over the next four miles into Durand and after passing Durand High School, ATW turns right onto Highway 10 and promptly starts heading south east again. The climb out of Durand after the turn is viciously steep for a mile then there’s a short descent to the flatter land higher up the valley with hills on both sides, and Bear Creek for company to the north (that’s the left hand side in the direction of travel).

The road climbs gently from fifteen miles to twenty, and the end of that climb has a couple of nasty little bumps lying in wait for the unwary as the road approaches Big Swamp State Public Hunting Grounds. After that it’s a lumpy descent for the final two miles down to the finish at the junction with County Highway W.

Distance: 23 miles / 37 kilometres

Ascent: 509 feet / 155 metres

RGT Magic Road: RMmLFw4gQ8ii

Total distance: 22.49 mi
Max elevation: 957 ft
Min elevation: 797 ft
Total climbing: 507 ft
Total descent: -481 ft

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