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Stage 619 – Langdon to Nekoma

And finally, the road turns south! After many stages of heading straight east, even throwing in a bit of north (the wrong direction) from time to time, stage 619 spends more time heading south than it spends heading east. It looks like an uphill stage on paper but that can be largely disregarded. Yes, the first half of the stage climbs a little, but there’s less than two hundred feet of ascent on the whole stage so this one’s a bit of a powerfest.

The rollout is straight, east and lumpy uphill for six miles to Langdon Municipal Airport which sits on the western edge of the town. Half a mile later, ATW swaps Highway 5 for Highway 1 outside the Cavalier County Memorial Hospital where the two roads meet. Highway 1 runs north/south and ATW turns right at the junction.

The climb continues after the turn and it’s not until 91st Street NE at eight miles that the summit, and indeed the highest elevation of the stage, is reached. There’s a small descent as the road swings left then right at ten miles after which it’s largely flat all the way to the right hander at seventeen miles, the route having crossed State Highway 66 a mile earlier.

After the right hander, the road descends and swings back left after another mile at the junction with 81st Street NE. That sets up the finish and the line is half a mile west of Nekoma just past the junction with 80th Street NE, which runs east/west past the town.

Distance: 21 miles / 34 kilometres

Ascent: 226 feet / 69 metres

RGT Magic Road: Xublw7HHH1a8

Total distance: 19.97 mi
Max elevation: 1598 ft
Min elevation: 1534 ft
Total climbing: 225 ft
Total descent: -189 ft

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