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Stage 611 – Norma to Mohall

611’s a bit of a corker. Downhill and east for all but a mile either side of seven miles, it runs straight as a dye to Mohall, just south of the Canadian state border between Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

The rollout is slightly downhill past a bunch of what were referred to as Range Roads in Canada, for six miles until the ridge that drops down to the Souris River. River Road branches north and south at the foot of the descent, then as soon as Highway 5 has crossed the river, the road climbs steeply straight up the opposite ridge to 48th Avenue NW, Over the top, the intersecting dirt roads continue every mile as Highway 5 begins the gentle twelve mile descent down to the finish.

State Highway 28 branches north at fourteen miles before Route 5 passes by Mohall Municipal Airport at eighteen miles on approach to the town. The route passes through the southern suburbs of Mohall, crossing County Road 9 on entry and 36th Avenue NW on exit, before approaching the finishing line which is close to Mohall Cemtery a mile out of town on the eastern side.

Distance: 21 miles / 34 kilometres

Ascent: 285 feet / 87 metres

RGT Magic Road: AQjncIjVry0J

Total distance: 20.46 mi
Max elevation: 1857 ft
Min elevation: 1569 ft
Total climbing: 284 ft
Total descent: -584 ft

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