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Stage 610 – Bowbells to Norma

There’s a pattern emerging here. Stage 609 was south, east and south. Stage 610 is south, east, south and east. The stage is flat apart from either side of Upper Des Lacs Lake which pops up and requires crossing at ten miles. The finger like lake runs north from Kenmare for about fifty miles and the route crosses it roughly halfway up its length. The descent down to the lake, and the climb back up the other side account for the vast majority of the elevation action: the rest of the stage s relatively flat with a gentle rise at the start and a gentle descent at the end.

The rollout is initially steep uphill but that soon settles down into a gentle climb that peaks at the highest elevation of the stage approaching Bowbells at four miles. Route 52 swings left at Bowbells Municipal Airport then proceeds east on a gentle descent to Upper Des Lacs Lake which it reaches shortly after crossing the junction with 66th Avenue NW at nine miles. The crossing is a straight down and up, and the road climbs steeply away from the water to Nine Mile Corner where Route 52 turns right to begin heading south again. Nine Mile Corner, incidentally, is not far off nine miles from the US Canadian border: coincidence or what?

The run south is lumpy flat for almost four miles, past 534th and 520th Avenues NW, before arriving at State Highway 5 at fourteen miles. Route 5 branches off left and so does Around The World for the remaining six miles of the stage. The road descends slightly the whole way and the finishing line is at the junction with 56th Avenue NW.

Distance: 21 miles / 34 kilometres

Ascent: 308 feet / 94 metres

RGT Magic Road: IbipRrndhGxk

Total distance: 20.45 mi
Max elevation: 1961 ft
Min elevation: 1831 ft
Total climbing: 309 ft
Total descent: -371 ft

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