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Stage 61 – Radeikiai to Zarasai

This is the last full stage in Lithuania, and it’s one of those stages that just doesn’t give you any rest. If you’re not climbing, you’re descending, and if you’re not descending, then you’re climbing: on repeat for twenty three miles. It runs north east in pretty much a straight line if you zoom out on the map, and it finishes just five or so miles from the Latvian border near to where both countries also share a land border with Belarus. What makes this stages so interesting is that three climbs that take account of about 80% of the climbing. The first starts as the road approaches Daugaillai: it’s a short, sharp leg burner that peaks once you get into the town itself. The second one is at nine miles on the approach to Baibial and once again, by the time you get into town, you’re already on the descent. The third one is the tester of the three and begins on entry to Degucial at fourteen miles.

The rollout from Radeikiai descends steeply and lumpily for three miles to Bajoriskiai where route 4931 heads north past Lake Indrajai from the ATW route A6, with Lake Liminas on the other side of the road at the junction. The road then curves gently right as it begins the first climb, peaking at Daugailiai after four miles.

Water is a prominent feature of the stage and at ten miiles, having climbed to the second highest point on the stage (the highest was at the start), the road descends to cross the Sventoji river at the lowest point on the stage approaching Siukscai at thirteen miles: a lumpy section then takes the route to Lake Samanis at fifteen miles and it signals the start of the next steep climb through Deguciai. 

The road then descends equally sharply to Liminaselis at seventeen miles after which it’s undulating all the way past Kamariskes at eighteen miles, Babrine then Sunele at nineteen miles followed by Lake Azuraistis a mile after that. The road enters the forest shortly after, and after climbing up to Siliniskes at twenty one miles, the highway bends right on a long curve that passes by Juodalaukiai on the southern shore of Lake Zarasas on the run in to the line.

Distance: 22 miles / 35 kilometres

Ascent: 571 feet / 174 metres

RGT Magic Road: lOTquJDaEWA2

Total distance: 22.78 mi
Max elevation: 1067 ft
Min elevation: 939 ft
Total climbing: 577 ft
Total descent: -703 ft

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