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Stage 607 – Macoun to Bienfait

607 is the penultimate full stage before the US border (however Around The World returns to Canada later as it approaches the Atlantic coast). The elevation profile suggests that the stage is a climber, but in reality it’s almost as flat as a pancake with only a hundred and fifty feet of climbing to test your legs, and less than that in descent. It runs south east along the northern side of what remains of the Souris River before skirting around the northern fringe of Estevan.

The rollout is relatively flat and straight, with nothing more than a ten foot climb in any one instance for the first four miles. However as Highway 39 curves right then left into Hitchcock at six smiles, it begins a gradual climb that finally tops out at the highest elevation of the stage at ten miles on the western outskirts of Estevan. It’s there that H39 takes a left off the straight road into town, instead becoming the ring road that runs around the northern side of the town: the road that continues on into town is Highway 39A.

The road remains lumpy flat, but with a small dip at thirteen miles, all the way round to the junction where Highway 39A emerges out of Estevan on the eastern side to rejoin Highway 39. H39 turns left at that junction and starts heading east between two small lakes, effectively picking up the trajectory of H39A. One assumes that Highway 39A was the original Highway 39 and that the ring road was built as a by-pass some time later.

The finish is just after the end of the two lakes, and after descending slightly in order to pass between them, the road rises again on the approach to the finishing line.

Distance: 21 miles / 34 kilometres

Ascent: 213 feet / 65 metres

RGT Magic Road: ZCDEkjhC3Ml9

Total distance: 20.46 mi
Max elevation: 1970 ft
Min elevation: 1936 ft
Total climbing: 207 ft
Total descent: -183 ft

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