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Stage 598 – Tugaske to Brownlee

598 carries on from where 597 left off, heading south east, but if you draw a straight line past the end of the stage and keep going, the line crosses the border into North Dakota instead of Montana. This is good. However the goodness is balanced by the first fourteen miles of the stage being uphill, which is a bit unfortunate.

The rollout is uphill, and markedly so, straight from the off, and although there are a couple of miles of respite at four miles, by the time Highway 367 has reached Tugaske at six miles, it’s time to start climbing again. From Tugaske, the road remains straight as it makes its way between a number of small lakes, and that necessitates a couple of causeways to avoid getting wet. It’s not until fourteen miles that the climbing finally stops and yes, you’ve guessed it, that’s the highest elevation of the stage.

It’s approaching the summit that Highway 367 joins Highway 42 at which point the route does a shimmy left then right into the small community of Eyebrow before resuming the journey south east, this time on 42. From Eyebrow, the road descends gently to seventeen miles before it climbs again to eighteen miles, after which it’s a gentle, straight downhill run to the finish just short of Brownlee.

Distance: 20 miles / 32 kilometres

Ascent: 364 feet / 111 metres

RGT Magic Road: U7ab9CjJV9VP

Total distance: 19.99 mi
Max elevation: 2098 ft
Min elevation: 1931 ft
Total climbing: 363 ft
Total descent: -232 ft

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