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Stage 592 – McGee Hutterite to Rosetown

When you look at the road profile, stage 592 looks like you’re walking up a hill, getting a breather, then walking up some more before falling off a cliff then walking along the beach to safety. In reality it’s east, then north east, east again, then north east again, east again, north east again, a tiny bit east, then south again back to the latitude you stared at before finally heading east to the finish. Clear as mud, eh? And on top of that, it’s a downhill stage to halfway then lumpy bumpy to the end.

The rollout from McGee is downhill to three miles where a quick down/up runs either side of the junction with Anglia Road heading north off Highway 7. The descent then continues to ten miles which doubles up as the lowest elevation of the stage. What was the highest? Simple: it was the start.

It’s lumpy flat into Rosetown at twelve miles where the road hangs a right (south) onto Highway 4, leaving Highway 7 free to continue on north east to Saskatoon. From Rosetown, Highway 4 is lumpy up and down to the junction with Highway 15 at fourteen miles where the road turns left off Highway 4. H4 was certainly short lived.

Once on Highway 15, the road descends to seventeen miles before climbing again ahead of the final descent to the finish at Macey Road, which is yet another dirt road that breaks up the monotony of the flat tarmac heading east.

Distance: 20 miles / 32 kilometres

Ascent: 246 feet / 75 metres

RGT Magic Road: fxglOaijHYhz

Total distance: 18.98 mi
Max elevation: 2077 ft
Min elevation: 1858 ft
Total climbing: 247 ft
Total descent: -402 ft

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