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Stage 588 – Sibbald to Marengo

Stage 588 is notable because it crosses the state border from Alberta into Sasakchewan: it’s been a long time since the journey crossed from British Columbia into Alberta (and back again more than once) around thirty stages ago. It’s also notable that Highway 9 becomes Highway 7 as it crosses the border: same road, different name. The route is east/north east (the change of direction actually takes place at the border) and it’s extremely lumpy, although the total ascent and descent is not that different, nor are they particularly significant numbers.

The rollout is lumpy flat through Sibbald after a couple of miles to the highest elevation of the stage, then there’s a gentle but lumpy descent to just short of the state border. The border itself is half a mile after the end of the descent at the top of a short sharp climb at seven miles and the road, which is now Highway 7 curves left (north east) as it enters Alsask on the Sasakchewan side.

From Alsask, the road descends steeply for three miles to the lowest elevation of the stage at eleven miles but there’s no water involved at the foot of the descent for once. At the foot, the road swings further left then runs straight for eight miles to Marengo at nineteen miles over what can best be describes as lumpy terrain: it’s very much in keeping with the rest of the stage which offers virtually no flat road. The road descends as it enters Marengo but as the highway curves right just after the junction with Highway 317, it rises sharply to the finish, which doesn’t bode well for the start of stage 589.

Distance: 22 miles / 35 kilometres

Ascent: 479 feet / 146 metres

RGT Magic Road: 76aQqG5LoDHP

Total distance: 21.53 mi
Max elevation: 2331 ft
Min elevation: 2183 ft
Total climbing: 480 ft
Total descent: -497 ft

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