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Stage 587 – Cereal to Sibbald

Stage 587 is an eastern descender that sets up the border crossing into Saskatchewan on stage 588. It’s lumpy, with virtually no flat road, but the hills that do stifle the descent are neither long nor significantly testing. It’s a power stage that offers fifty percent more descent than ascent.

The rollout is lumpy flat for a mile before a gentle lumpy four mile descent kicks in. It ends at Range Road 50 near to Excel where a right/left combo of gentle bends alter the latitude of the journey east before the straight road resumes once more.

Miles five to seven are lumpy and uphill, and the summit of that climb is the highest elevation of the stage. The descent down the other side bottoms out at Highway 41 near to Oyen at ten miles. Then it’s lumpy down and up to thirteen miles and the second highest peak of the stage at Range Road 34.

Thereafter, it’s straight and lumpy downhill to eighteen miles where the road swings back left then right to resume its original trajectory before passing Excel. The road continues descending after the bends and the lowest elevation of the stage at two thousand three hundred feet is at the finish on the approach to Sibbald.

Distance: 22 miles / 35 kilometres

Ascent: 453 feet / 138 metres

RGT Magic Road: KDm4xvaWAyu2

Total distance: 21.52 mi
Max elevation: 2584 ft
Min elevation: 2316 ft
Total climbing: 454 ft
Total descent: -708 ft

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