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Stage 57 – Uzumiskes to Maisiagala

Any stage that kicks off with two red climbs in the first three miles is bound to be fun. And whilst it’s true that what goes up must come down, that doesn’t stop it going back up again. Stage 57 is hard work, especially if you’re prepared to put yourself on the line and mix it with like minded avatars.

After leaving Saltiniai south of Uzumiskes, route 221 climbs immediately before flattening out for what is only a temporary respite. The second climb kicks in at two miles and by the time the road crests the summit at three miles, which is also the highest elevation, it’s already done a third of the climbing for the stage. That’s followed by a long fast descent and the route fair races through the communities of Pakalnjskes, Giraicial and Lapiakalnis before arriving in Vievis at six miles.

The road hangs a clockwise right hander around Lake Vievio in Vievis before bending right then sharp left, swapping route 107 for route 108 at Pylimai, over the main A1 autoroute and the main Kaunus-Vilnius railway line before heading north east towards Varliskes.

The lowest elevation of the stage comes at the kite at eleven miles where the road crosses the Neris river at Vanga. Over the other side of the river, the climbing starts all over again at Bagoteliai although the initial ascent peaks a mile later at Verksionys, the benefit of which is that by the time you get to twelve miles, two thirds of the climbing has been done.

The road joins route 116 at a roundabout at fourteen miles, remaining as route 108 as it takes the south east exit, before crossing over the Duksta river and heading into Dukstos where a left fork takes the road to Daubarai at seventeen miles and Kiemeliai at nineteen miles: that’s where the final climb kicks in: a long slow drag to the finish in Maisiagala.

Distance: 22 miles / 35 kilometres

Ascent: 928 feet / 283 metres

RGT Magic Road: wD9UVlKD1wiP

Total distance: 21.54 mi
Max elevation: 939 ft
Min elevation: 597 ft
Total climbing: 930 ft
Total descent: -773 ft

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