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Stage 56 – Stakliskes to Uzumiskes

Stage 56 is not hugely different from stage 55 in that once you get the initial descent out of the way, you’re faced with a fourteen mile climb, save for a tiny bit of respite at ten miles. And just as on stage 55, most of the climbing is done on the first half of the course. However it would be foolish to think that it’s all plain sailing after you crest the summit at fifteen miles because the last eight miles, all of which is lumpy, has a bit of an undulating bite to it.

The route is east then north east and despite having been in Lithuania for only three stages, by the time this stage is done, a third of the old Soviet block country will be in the bag.

The rollout from south of Stakliskes on route A16 is east and gently flat/downhill for two miles, past Lielionys and Lielius lake to the start of the climb at Lepelionys. After passing by Karkliniskes at three miles, the highway passes from Kaunus County into Vilnuis County a mile later, close to Vilkininkai.

The climb continues, as does the rural landscape, past Mikalava at six miles where the Rangave river flows south under the road towards the lake of the same name. The route enters Aukstadvaris on the north eastern shore of Lake Nava at eight miles, and it’s in the centre of town that the ATW route turns left off route A16 onto route 221. That’s effectively the turn that takes the stage north east from an easterly start.

There’s a false summit approaching ten miles just after Lake Skrebys, then as the road descends gently, it slides between the twin lakes of Antakmeniu and Mosia at eleven miles. Onwards and upwards, and continuing to meander north eastwards, the route passes by Krunio Lake by Krunis at thirteen miles then follows that by passing Raudonakis a mile later.

The climb finally peaks at the left hander approaching Dzenkuniskes at fifteen miles, and from there, the road descends quickly and steeply into Semeliskes where it crosses the Streva river as it flows north from Lake Nestrevantys. Route 221 passes by Lake Gacky Ez at eighteen miles before revisiting the Streva river as it approaches the Elektrenai Reservoir, followed by Karkuciai at twenty miles, just two flattish miles from the end. The finish is on a long curve at the southern end of the reservoir approaching Saltiniai.

Distance: 22 miles / 35 kilometres

Ascent: 525 feet / 160 metres

RGT Magic Road: TMN4KGoMMa3D

Total distance: 21.52 mi
Max elevation: 931 ft
Min elevation: 631 ft
Total climbing: 526 ft
Total descent: -506 ft

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