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Stage 51 – Gutki to Barglow Dworny

If it wasn’t for the need to skip round the meandering path of the river Jegrzynia at Rajgrod, this would have been the straightest stage to date. Heading north east towards the Lithuanian border from Gutki, north east of Szczuczyn, route 665 is lumpy and descending for five miles then lumpy flat for a further fourteen miles before a sharp lumpy climb sets up an equally lumpy but flatter finish. It’s a stage that might feel flat for long stages, but it’s always doing something to keep your interest.

Rolling out from Gutki, the road climbs gently out of the gate before dropping down into Popowo at two miles where the road starts climbing again, this time to the junction to Elzbiecin. It then descends much more steeply to the larger town of Grajewo at five miles where the road takes a gentle right hander before crossing the Elk river then beginning a gentle but lumpy five mile climb past Sikora and Wolka Mala to Miecze.

The highway runs by a system of canals between Miecze at nine miles and Belda at twelve miles, the most notable of which is the Kanal Kuwasy at eleven miles. The road take a slight left at Belda then another at fourteen miles just after Tama where the highway slides between Stackie lake on the left (north) and Drenstwo lake on the right (south).  The road then loops clockwise around the northern side of Wojdy and into Rajgrod where it crosses the Jegrznia river at seventeen miles.

The ATW route then leaves route 665 briefly to rattle through Barszcze before re-crossing route 665 on the way out of town still heading north east at the start of a short climb on nineteen miles. The road runs straight, through Barglow Koscielny at twenty two miles before eventually rejoining route 665 at Barglow Dworny, just half a mile from the finish.

Distance: 24 miles / 38 kilometres

Ascent: 377 feet / 115 metres

RGT Magic Road: TAbIgUGnKb04

Total distance: 24.01 mi
Max elevation: 1224 ft
Min elevation: 1094 ft
Total climbing: 376 ft
Total descent: -448 ft

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