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Stage 48 – Chorzele to Myszyniec


The gloves are well and truly off now. Stage 48 will test your mental resolve as well as your legs. It all kicks off with a three mile climb straight out of the pen. followed by a short sharp descent leading to a nasty wee lump and another steep climb: and all that before seven miles are on the clock. That’s followed by a lumpy three mile descent down the low point of the stage right on halfway before it all kicks off again. A nasty climb from miles twelve to fourteen is followed by an undulating stretch of seven miles before a steep descent sets up the toughest climb of the stage up to the finish. But once you’re over the crest of that one, it’s downhill all the way to the finish.

Starting just outside Chorzele, the road climbs past a junction to Sosnowek on the right at two miles before swinging right/left/right, crossing the Plodownika river in the process, and descending into Podrzecze at six miles. Route 614 then follows the line of the river for a couple of miles, climbing as it does so (which tells you that the river is flowing east to west in the opposite direction) before turning left at Krukowo, descending again to cross the Omulew river at nine miles before sliding past Brodki on the left and Zagradzie on the right to Surowie at eleven miles. The descent into Surowie is both lumpy and steep, leading to the crossing of the Trybowka river between Surowie and Dalnia a mile further up (quite literally) the road.

The climb finally peaks at the junction to Czarnia on the left (north) and Bialuchy on the right (south). It’s then straight (ish), rural and lumpy to Myszyniec where the road curves left into the town centre before turning right at the top of the steepest hill of the stage onto route 53, the Stacha Konwy. The descent is steep  but short and at the bottom, which is the lowest point of the stage, the course hangs a left off route 53 onto route 645 before climbing steeply on a straight piece of road to Zawodzie where the highway crosses the Rozoga river. After one final right hander in Zawodzie, the road runs straight and east/south east to the finish down a gentle slope.

Distance: 24 miles / 38 kilometres

Ascent: 1293 feet / 394 metres

RGT Magic Road: MBeT4hizJsGM

Total distance: 24.04 mi
Max elevation: 808 ft
Min elevation: 518 ft
Total climbing: 1282 ft
Total descent: -1184 ft

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