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Stage 47 – Laguny to Chorzele

What a stupendous stage this is! It’s the hilliest to date at over 800ft, but while none of them are particularly steep, it’s the fact that they just keep on coming that does the damage. There’s barely a single segment of flat road so you’ll either be working like crazy to stay in touch with the group or trying to recover. One thing’s for sure: you’ll come away from stage 47 knowing that you’ve worked!

The summary version of the profile is that a lumpy six mile descent is followed by an even lumpier seven mile climb. Then there’s a nice long downhill of around three miles before you re-engage your climbing legs for another three miles: the final sprint to the line is a near 60mph dash down a very steep hill.

The rollout is north east from Laguny on a lumpy flat road that passes through Turowo after a mile and Golany after two miles before zig-zagging right/left/left through the much larger town of Przasnysz at six miles where route 57 crosses the Wegierka river at the second lowest point on the stage.

Now heading due north, the route skips between Brzezice and Mchowkpo at eight miles after climbing away from the river crossing: then it’s north west for a mile to Mchowo where the road curves right again to cross the Morawka at eleven miles before another climb takes the stage to its highest point at the junction off to Kaki-Mroczki on the right (east). A long descent then ensues, crossing the Ulatowka river at sixteen miles before a short up/down through Plewnik takes the route into Swiniary at eighteen miles.

The highway climbs again past Rycice to Aleksandrowo before then descending into Rembielin at twenty one miles where route 616 joins route 57 from the south west. The route then swings right/left, descending all the time, into Chorzele at twenty two miles and the crossing of the Orzyc river. The route then takes a right off route 57 onto route 616 on the northern side of town and the finish of the stage, and indeed its lowest elevation, is a mile out of town approaching Chorzele Kolonia.

Distance: 24 miles / 38 kilometres

Ascent: 817 feet / 249 metres

RGT Magic Road: 4KHBc7FJqTOE

Total distance: 24.01 mi
Max elevation: 1241 ft
Min elevation: 996 ft
Total climbing: 811 ft
Total descent: -976 ft

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