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Stage 45 – Bielsk to Glinojeck

In many ways, the profile of this stage is very similar to stage 44. It starts off with a short sharp climb, then descends gently before climbing again to the six mile mark, followed by a lumpy eight mile descent to a lump just before fifteen miles. Then it climbs for another six miles before dropping back down the the finish. But in terms of suburbia, there really isn’t much to report as the stage is mostly rural but with plenty of small villages along the way.

The rollout on the eastern side of Bielsk rises to the junction off to Uttowo on the right after half a mile before descending to cross the Sierpienica Prawa river at three miles. Route 60 then climbs past Psary and Parcele before curving left and attaining the highest point on the stage just after Kozlowo at six miles: having that in the bag early in the stage is a bonus because much of what is left is now downhill.

The first major town is Drobin at eight miles where a quick left, right, left takes the route through the centre and out on another straight road past Budkowo at nine miles, Karsy and Osrodek a mile after that then Zukowo-Warrzonki at twelve miles. The long descent finally bottoms out after rounding the right hander at Cieciersk after thirteen miles and after a quick up/down to cross the Karsowka river, the highway descends further to cross a second river, the Raciaznica, on the ring road heading anti-clockwise around the southern suburbs of Raciaz at fifteen miles. 

Now heading north east, the road climbs by Murowanki at sixteen miles and Kossobudy a mile later before curving slightly right and onward the the right hander just after Dreglin at twenty miles. That marks the start of a short, sharp descent that crosses over the main autoroute 57 before crossing the Wkra river on the approach to Glinojeck. The finish of the stage is on the eastern side of town close to the junction south to Rycica and Nowy Garwarz.

Distance: 24 miles / 38 kilometres

Ascent: 289 feet / 88 metres

RGT Magic Road: btGEUcz0kOEH

Total distance: 24.05 mi
Max elevation: 1156 ft
Min elevation: 1033 ft
Total climbing: 288 ft
Total descent: -360 ft
Download file: Stage 45 - Around The World In 800 Days.gpx

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