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Stage 425 – Bulli State Forest to Wondul Creek State Forest

One of the reasons that you’re being tested stage after stage right now is because the route that Mark Beaumont took from Goondiwindi to Brisbane went via Toowoomba and the road between the two towns rises to over fifteen hundred feet. You’re on that climb right now. Stage 425 climbs from start to finish, the second such stage in a row, or three if you count the second half of stage 423.

The rollout is straight, east/north easterly and gently uphill to the junction of The Southern Boundary Road / Anderson’s Boundary Road with the Gore Highway at five miles. The road flattens a little at that point and runs lumpy flat through trees until nine miles where the gentle climbing resumes.

Between ten and eleven miles, there are a pair of snaking right/left bends at the north eastern tip of the Bulli State Forest ahead of a five mile straight that boasts multiple small junctions left and right from fifteen miles. Still climbing, the road hangs a right at seventeen miles, entering another five mile straight that runs alongside the southern edge of Western Creek State Forest from nineteen miles.

At the end of the trees, the road snakes left then right and has a final kick upwards to the line at the junction of Millmerran Woods Drive.

Distance: 23 miles / 37 kilometres

Ascent: 823 feet / 251 metres

RGT Magic Road: cuPb89AGy79W

Total distance: 23 mi
Max elevation: 1409 ft
Min elevation: 943 ft
Total climbing: 825 ft
Total descent: -323 ft

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