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Stage 416 – Jack’s Creek to Narrabri

The long descent continues! Stage 416 is the stage that finally says goodbye to the Pilliga Foest then hello and goodbye to Narrabri before clocking off west of the the Killarney State Conservation area just north of Narrabri. Once again the stage heads north easterly and the long lumpy stretches for fifteen miles out of the pen to the heart of Narrabri itself. Of course there’s always a water crossing to spoil the party and that’s what kicks off the ascent to the finish over the last six miles.

Straight from the rollout, the Newell Highway descends gently for a mile to the Sir William Bridges Rest Area, but I don’t think you’ll be needing a rest so soon. There’s then a quick up/down before the descent continues to the Bohena Creek Rest Area at six miles.

Although the road is relatively straight and will ride like it, the are subtle bends left and right at regular intervals to keep your interest level up. One such bend is a gentle right hander at fourteen miles which is followed by a roundabout on the approach to Narrabri at fifteen miles.

In Narrabri itself, the route goes straight up the main street – Cooma Road – passing by Gately Field at fifteen miles and the Cooma Oval a mile later. After crossing Narrabri Creek at sixteen miles, the A39 turns left at the Hogan Oval and begins heading out of town on Barwan Street. Doctor’s Creek is the next water crossing at seventeen miles, and from thereonin as the road hangs a right, it’s a lumpy ascent to twenty mile miles just after Neerealleroi where the gradient kicks up more steeply for the two mile run in to the finishing line.

Distance: 23 miles / 37 kilometres

Ascent: 282 feet / 86 metres

RGT Magic Road: HD0CArMp00hg

Total distance: 22.51 mi
Max elevation: 880 ft
Min elevation: 738 ft
Total climbing: 281 ft
Total descent: -326 ft

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