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Stage 41 – Mogilno to Radziejow

What a belter of a stage! Ascent and descent are within a couple of feet of each other, but once you’ve got the start out of the way, it rides like a downhill course for much of what’s left. Yes, it’s slightly uphill from miles one to six, and again from twenty miles to the finish, but it’s either downhill or gently flat from six to twenty and the pace pure rattles along. The stage is a big dog leg that runs north east from Kwieciszewo to Kruszwica but having crossed the top end of Jezioro Goplo at Kruszwica, the route runs down the eastern side of the lake to the finish near Radziejow.

The route zooms though Kwieciszewo straight from the off, crossing the Mata Notec river in the process after less than a mile, performing a sharpish left followed by a long sweeping right in the process, then it’s pretty straight all the way to Jeziorki at four miles. There’s a small lake at Jeziorki and a junction that leads left (north) to Bronislaw and right (south) to Lakie. That’s followed by another short straight to Strzelno which passes over the highest point on the stage at five miles before descending gently into the town a mile later where the course hangs a left to start heading north east.

The ATW route leaves route 15 onto route 42 just south of Dabek and heads north east to Stodolno where the road bends left/right/left either side of ten miles. Beyond Stolno, the route switches from north east to south east at Slawsk Wielki courtesy of a couple of right hand bends, one before the town and one in it. The road rises briefly straight after then descends again, rounding a left hander and dropping down to Kurszwica where the road crosses over the northern end of the Jezioro Goplo lake to the lowest elevation of the stage. 

After running parallel with the eastern side of the lake to Gocanowo, the site of Jezioro Gocanowskie at eighteen miles, followed by Janocin further east of the lake at twenty miles, the road swings left at Chelmiczki a mile later, then climbs to Chelmce at twenty two miles before descending down to the finish at Kontrewers on the approach to Radziejow.

Distance: 25 miles / 40 kilometres

Ascent: 299 feet / 91 metres

RGT Magic Road: oTY8MKjZ9W11

Total distance: 23.99 mi
Max elevation: 1064 ft
Min elevation: 959 ft
Total climbing: 301 ft
Total descent: -304 ft

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