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Stage 408 – Momo State Forest to Dubbo

On the face of it, this looks like a straight run north east into Dubbo. But then you zoom into the map a little and you realise that what you thought was straight isn’t so straight after all: there are right/left/rightish switchbacks at three miles and nine miles. But apart from that it’s pretty straight. Lumpywise, it’s almost a draw but descending wins by a hundred and fifty feet courtesy of a five mile descent off the high point of the stage at eight miles.

But first, the rollout: it’s lumpy uphill and dead straight to the first switchback: it’s there to negotiate around a hill on the right hand side of the road. Then as the road straightens up again, it crosses Bundara Creek at four miles followed by a run alongside the western side of Momo State Forest either side of five miles. From the creek, the A39 climbs steadily with an increasing gradient to fourteen hundred feet, and attains the high point of the stage at eight miles. On the way down the subsequent descent, the highway passes Mountain Creek Rest Area at ten miles and the South Dubbo Rest Area at sixteen miles.

The descent eventually bottoms out at Sappa Bulga National Park just after sixteen miles, leaving a lumpy last six miles to be negotiated on a straight run in towards Dubbo. The finishing line is adjacent to Taronga Western Plains Zoo on the south side of the town, just before Dubbo Golf Club.

Distance: 23 miles / 37 kilometres

Ascent: 732 feet / 223 metres

RGT Magic Road: NJT5PLveqsaA

Total distance: 21.94 mi
Max elevation: 1423 ft
Min elevation: 1017 ft
Total climbing: 732 ft
Total descent: -894 ft

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