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Stage 403 – Lake Cowal to Carawandool State Forest

At first glance, stage 403 looks like an uphill job. A climber. And in truth it does actually climb from start to finish, with significant steps up at thirteen miles and twenty one miles compared with the rest of the stage. But once you realise that the total ascent on the stage is less than two hundred feet, and that those two small climbs account for two thirds of it, you’ll soon appreciate that the rest of the stage is a bit of a doddle, albeit a gently uphill doddle.

The stage is north to five miles, rising ever so slightly, then as the A39 passes the bottom end of Lake Cowal, the road hangs a right that then swings back left at six miles to assume a north easterly run on the stage. As the road continues to meander, and the incline continues to bob up and down, the New Highway eventually reaches Carawandool State Forest at eighteen miles. Other than the forest, there’s actually very little else in terms of features to mark the route.

However as soon at the road passes the forest, it loops around the eastern side of a ridge and in doing so gains almost a hundred feet of ascent in under a mile: but once the climb tops out at twenty one miles however, its just a flat straight run to the finish line at Bundaburrah rest area.

Distance: 22 miles / 35 kilometres

Ascent: 243 feet / 74 metres

RGT Magic Road: dO0laq3QCIAP

Total distance: 22.01 mi
Max elevation: 791 ft
Min elevation: 676 ft
Total climbing: 243 ft
Total descent: -125 ft

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