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Stage 399 – Grong Grong to Ardlethan

With Grong Grong in the rear view mirror, stage 399 is near as dammit a straight run north to Ardlethan Airport near Uley, then a quick right left before heading north again to the finish line. Does that sound easy enough? Chuck in four hundred feet of climbing and a not dissimilar amount of descending, and you have yourself a fun stage.

The rollout is straight, north, flattish and virtually featureless for three miles. Then there’s a quick up/down/up/down to seven miles approaching the junction to Landervale a couple of miles to the west. At the junction, the Newell Highway skips right then left before re-assuming its northern run as it passes Bald Hill State Forest at twelve miles.

The approach to the forest marks the start of a six mile climb that doesn’t top out until fifteen miles, and as the road drops down the other side, it arrives at the right hand bend by the airport. The two mile stretch to the left hander at Uley are effectively the road running alongside the airport and its runway, and by the end of it, the road’s back on flat terrain again.

After turning left (and north) at Uley, it’s then back to the flat featureless landscape that started the stage and the finish is at the end of a two mile straight out of town.

Distance: 22 miles / 35 kilometres

Ascent: 440 feet / 134 metres

RGT Magic Road: rJVokZwIWVv5

Total distance: 21.94 mi
Max elevation: 777 ft
Min elevation: 579 ft
Total climbing: 438 ft
Total descent: -381 ft

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