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Stage 391 – Murchison to Shepparton

A couple of stages short of the New South Wales border, stage 391 boasts one of the great downhill stages of the journey to date. Although the rollout is virtually flat, the road descends significantly over the remainder of the stage. It’s certain to be a rapid, fun descent. And once the road reaches the bottom of the descent, it assumes a flat trajectory again for the remaining four miles of the stage. With only twenty six feet of climbing on the stage, this is sure to be a joy to ride.

The Goulburn River featured prominently in stage 390 and that’s repeated on this stage as the M39 rolls out with the river on its left hand side. It passes Arcadia after a mile and the road remains straight until four miles where junctions head east and west. The road then swings left and north through the start of the descent which continues through Kialla West at seven miles.

The route then carries on, straight and north, past Shepparton Airport after eleven miles and Kialla shortly after. The highway crosses Broken River at twelve miles then arrives in Shepparton after fourteen miles. At seventeen miles, the road hangs a right to start heading north east, remaining that way on a straight flattening road to Congupna at twenty miles where the northerly run is re-established on a left hander. Thereafter it’s just a straight three mile run to the finish near the junction with Trewins Road.

Distance: 23 miles / 37 kilometres

Ascent: 26 feet / 8 metres

RGT Magic Road: bsNCQHL4JTen

Total distance: 22.9 mi
Max elevation: 608 ft
Min elevation: 28 ft
Total climbing: 27 ft
Total descent: -604 ft

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