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Stage 390 – Hughes Creek Hill to Murchison

Stage 390 takes the route over halfway from Melbourne to the New South Wales border, and in doing so manages to lose even more of the elevation that was gained in the hills north of Melbourne. Although it looks like a downhill stage, it undulates wildly without ever gaining or losing very much elevation so I suspect it’s best summarised as a lumpy flat course with more than a hint of downhill.

The road out of Tabilk swings right and remains lumpy flat for three miles to the junction of the Nagambie-Locksley Road. As the M39 approaches Nagambie itself, the road dips then climbs again as is swings north east past the wide expanse of the Goulburn River at nine miles. The road remains lumpy flat all the way to ten miles but as it approaches the East Goulburn Main Channel of the river, so the descent begins. The M31 runs between the Main Channel and the Goulburn River itself for three miles to Wahring Field Airport at fourteen miles, then the road undulates up and down by fifty feet several times as it runs alongside the channel to seventeen miles.

There, the road kicks upwards steeply for half a mile to Burkes Road before starting on a four mile descent to the finish which sits on the eastern side of the Waranga Basin Reservoir near the Arcadia Streamside Reserve.

Distance: 23 miles / 37 kilometres

Ascent: 279 feet / 85 metres

RGT Magic Road: p3BtKpYElDI4

Total distance: 23.04 mi
Max elevation: 695 ft
Min elevation: 611 ft
Total climbing: 277 ft
Total descent: -357 ft

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