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Stage 38 – Szamotuly to Murowana Goslina

Just as the latter stages in Germany skipped by the north of Berlin, this is the stage that bodyswerves Poznan in Poland. There are only fifteen stages before Lithuania, which is north east of Poznan, and going through Poznan, even though it’s the main city on the route, would effectively stall Around The World off in potentially the wrong direction. This is a tough old stage. There are quite a few climbs, especially after the halfway point (miles 12 to 23 are practically all the way uphill), but despite the hills, the average speed will be high throughout. After a fast start on a short descent, the road climbs from miles 2 to 6 but passes halfway with only a third of the climbing in the rear view mirror: this is a backended stage and that makes the second half a mental challenge as much as a physical one.

The rollout from Galowo flies through Szamotuly after only a mile, crossing no fewer than three streams by the time the route starts the first climb after two miles. That climb peaks at Nowe Osowo after four miles before flattening out through Popowkoa two miles later. The road bends left to cross the Samika Kierska river at seven miles before a much bigger dip takes route 187 down into Oborniki at the lowest elevation of the stage after twelve miles, and the halfway kite.

After crossing over the Warta river in the centre of Oborniki, the route loops clockwise, which is north east then south/east, around Lake Zirwirki before resuming an easterly tack at fifteen miles. The road starts climbing straight after the Warta river and is still climbing, albeit more gently, by the time Lukowo arrives at sixteen miles, and Zerniki a mile later.

There’s a false summit on the climb at eighteen miles, midway between Zerniki and Uchorowo, then the road descends briefly and gently before climbing once more to Balezyn at twenty one miles, followed by Bialegi, the highest point on the stage, a mile later. On the south easterly approach to Przebedowo, the ATW route swaps route 187 for route 196 by turning left at the junction where they meet. The final run in to the finishing line is north east on route 196 alongside the Trojanka river that flows north/south into Przebedowo.

Distance: 25 miles / 40 kilometres

Ascent: 367 feet / 112 metres

RGT Magic Road: 4LDj3tI2sj72

Total distance: 24.01 mi
Max elevation: 996 ft
Min elevation: 836 ft
Total climbing: 368 ft
Total descent: -357 ft

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