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Stage 376 – Rennick State Forest to Lyons Bushland Reserve

Having crossed the border into Victoria on the previous stage, 376 builds on that by making good progress along the southern coastline, albeit inland by twenty miles, towards the Bass Strait north of Tasmania. The first nineteen miles of the stage are relatively flat, with the exception of a descent followed by a climb, to cross the Glenelg River in Dartmoor at nineteen miles.

The rollout is initially lumpy up and down for a a couple of miles before a long tiny descent kicks in between miles two and ten. In terms of landmarks, not much happens before six miles when the Princes Highway runs alongside the southern edge of the Mumbannar Bushland Reserve for a mile. Mumbannar itself passes by between miles eight and nine before the road hangs a left at eleven miles before embarking on a long right hander into Dartmoor which you’ll reach at fourteen miles.

Out of Dartmoor, the route passes the northern edge of the Drik Drik Nature Reserve at fifteen miles before arriving in Winnap at seventeen miles. On leaving Winnap, things start to get interesting on the climbing front. The climb is quite innocous at first and its not until the right/left combo of bends either side of nineteen miles that the elevation starts to really kick upwards. The steepest section is in the mile approaching twenty, by which time the road is along the northern fringe of a forest. However once you reach the top of the climb at twenty two miles, and the highest elevation of the stage at two hundred and thirty feet, the rest of the stage is just lumpy flat and relatively straight all the way to the line.

Distance: 24 miles / 38 kilometres

Ascent: 728 feet / 222 metres


Total distance: 23.94 mi
Max elevation: 233 ft
Min elevation: -133 ft
Total climbing: 730 ft
Total descent: -496 ft

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