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Stage 37 – Kwilcz to Szamotuly

Stage 37 heads south east for nine miles to Pniewy then hangs a sharp left that takes the rest of the stage on a north easterly run across open country to Szamotuly. It’s a lumpy stage in that there’s precious little flat road, but none of the hills are oppressive, and there’s actually more descending than there is climbing, which makes the stage a descender, not that you’ll be thinking that way at halfway.

The rollout from Rozbitek rolls into Kwilcz after a mile, having already taken on an up/down from the start. Past Jezioro Kwileckie lake and down to Orzeszkowo at two miles, route 24 then climbs up to Polko before descending in lumpy fashion past Daleszynek (the highest point on the stage) and Lubosz, before sliding between Luboszek lake and Lubosz Wielki lake to Karolewice at eight miles, and the lowest elevation of the stage. 

The ATW road branches left off route 24 at Jezioro Pniewskie lake straight after Karolewice, and as the road bends around the northern side of the lake, it arrives in Pniewy where the route effectively does a U turn in the centre of town, and having arrived heading south east, leaves heading north east on route 187. The road climbs from the lake into Pniewy but flattens for five lumpy miles with a hint of a rise between miles eleven and seventeen.  The road passes by Deborzyce and Zalewo either side of fifteen miles before passing the junction to Gac (to the north) a mile later. 

The junction marks the start of a descent that drops down through Otorowo to Lipnica at twenty miles and that marks the start of what is a very lumpy and undulating straight four mile run to the finish in the small community of Galowo on the outskirts of Szamotuly.

Distance: 25 miles / 40 kilometres

Ascent: 289 feet / 88 metres

RGT Magic Road: H34KJ5mYupZz

Total distance: 24.01 mi
Max elevation: 1032 ft
Min elevation: 954 ft
Total climbing: 290 ft
Total descent: -339 ft

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