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Stage 368 – Coonalpyn to Tintinara

There won’t be many stages flatter than this one. Not far off level the whole way, it’s a micro lumpy run south east across the south eastern fringe of South Australia towards the Victorian border. However when I say south east, that doesn’t kick in until four miles after you’ve completed the remaining eastward run to Coonalpyn where the McIntosh Way meets the Dukes Highway: all of those four miles are micro lumpy flat.

The flat nature of the course then continues on a straight south eastern run to Coonaburra Gums which passes by at eight miles. There’s then a short rise past Karkoo to Bullicky Wells at eleven miles, but the climb is nothing to worry about. All of this time, since Coonalpyn, the road and the railway are running side by side, the line on the right of the road. The road deviates slightly on a left/light set of curves either side of twelve miles, but the for remainder of the stage, the two run straight, side by side again.

Culburra passes at fourteen miles on the way to Tintinara at twenty one miles which is a mile short of the finish line.

Distance: 22 miles / 35 kilometres

Ascent: 187 feet / 57 metres

RGT Magic Road: LyZW1Qygr9Nl

Total distance: 21.94 mi
Max elevation: 273 ft
Min elevation: 247 ft
Total climbing: 185 ft
Total descent: -198 ft

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