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Stage 367 – Meningie to Coonalpyn

What a weird stage!

Had it not been for the bit between miles fourteen and seventeen, this would have been a candidate for the flattest uphill stage to date if that doesn’t sound like a contradiction of terms. The stand is micro lumpy and ever so slightly uphill from the elevation at the start to the elevation at the finish: indeed the stage climbs just over fifty feet if you leave out the big lump at fourteen miles. However that three mile section climbs three times as much as the rest of the stage put together, and in just a mile too. At least it descends by almost the same amount on the other side of the hill.

The route is an easterly the whole way, except for a wiggle or two along the way: the first fourteen miles, through Miltalie (three miles), Greendale (five miles), Green Plains (six miles), Courtlands (seven miles), Alkaringa (eight miles), Orana (nine miles), Oondooroo (ten miles) and Menalpyn are lumpy and gently uphill. However as McIntosh Way takes the left hander at fourteen miles, the road kicks up a hundred and fifty feet in a mile before losing a hundred feet of that new found elevation on the descent to Sheoak at seventeen miles.

After Sheoak, there’s a further left/right combo at seventeen miles before the latter part of the stage enters a long left hander after Pine Well at nineteen miles: the highway climbs gradually all the way from eighteen miles to the finish at Berco, just before Coonalpyn.

Distance: 22 miles / 35 kilometres

Ascent: 344 feet / 105 metres

RGT Magic Road: aLG7hWtYpPwy

Total distance: 22.02 mi
Max elevation: 393 ft
Min elevation: 186 ft
Total climbing: 346 ft
Total descent: -282 ft

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