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Stage 361 – Dublin to Paralowie

Lumpy and undulating like a heart rhythm, that’s stage 361. Rolling out from just south of Dublin, and finishing at Salisbury Park, just north of Adelaide, it’s a stage with plenty of descent but also more than enough short sharp climbs to keep you interested in what’s around the next corner.

The rollout on a two mile long straight climbs immediately to the highest point on the stage in half that distance. As the road begins to descend, it takes a very gentle left hand bend onto an eight mile straight in which forty feet of elevation is lost but the same amount of ascent is probably regained courtesy of short climbs at four miles, seven miles and nine miles.

The road passes by Bungai at two miles, Lower Light at four miles, Limavady at six miles, where the highway passes over the Light river, and Cromdale at eight miles before the Port Wakefield Highway hangs a right at Two Wells at ten miles. Shortly after, still on the climb, the road passes over Salt Creek just before Demure Lodge on the way out of town. The railway, which rejoins the road briefly at Salt Creek, moves away again soon after, spending much of the remainder of the stage two miles to the east of the road, but still heading in the same general direction.

After Demure Lodge, it’s straight and pretty flat for three miles to the Gawler River by Lucys Farm. There, a left/right combo loops around Virginia at sixteen miles where an even bigger left/right snake of bends crosses the Northern Expressway at nineteen miles. As the A1 heads on south, it passes by Shannon Lodge before entering the three mile long slightly downhill run to the finish line just east of Riverview Lodge.

Distance: 22 miles / 35 kilometres

Ascent: 210 feet / 64 metres

RGT Magic Road: WgP3eA39bSg5

Total distance: 22.01 mi
Max elevation: 160 ft
Min elevation: 79 ft
Total climbing: 209 ft
Total descent: -281 ft

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