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Stage 36 – Skwierzyna to Kwilcz

If you like hard work and pain, then Stage 36 is for you. Don’t get fooled by the rapid start: there’s a one mile climb after just two miles that will certainly sort the wheat from the chaff. Then it’s lumpy until ten miles before another small climb kicks in. The route runs east, and the further east it gets, the more water there is about: north of the road (that’s on the left) the landscape is populated by a large number of small lakes between the road and the Warta river.

The rollout from the centre of Skwierzyna has the Warta river just a quarter of a mile away on the left but as the road bends right and south east out of town, the river heads north and by the time the Poznanska highway has arrived in Chelmsko at the top of the first climb after three miles, the road and the river are a similar distance apart. The highway joins route 24 shortly after Chelmsko and that curves left at Chlemicko after six miles, and onward to Przytoczna at the foot of the next climb at eight miles.

The Jezioro Przytoczno lake sits on the inside of the right hand bend on leaving Przytoczna and the change of direction takes the route on a south easterly tack to Osada Lesna at nine miles. The road crosses route 192 shortly after, then it’s onward, upward, eventually downward and eastward to Wierzbno at thirteen miles. Shortly after Wierzbno, at fifteen miles, the route crosses the provincial border from Lubusz Voivodeship to Greater Poland Voivodeship and it’s straight after the border that the lakes start making their presence felt on the left hand side of the road.

First up is Jezioro Gorzynskie at seventeen miles, just before the road rolls into Gorzyn. There, route 160 crosses north/south, before another junction does likewise a mile later, linking Kamionna Wiktorowo to the north with Skrzdlewo to the south. After that, Jezioro Rybnik lake is on the left at nineteen miles, and it’s after crossing the stream that flows from it that the most testing climb of the stage gets under way. It starts at twenty miles, climbs through Kamionna a mile later before passing Jezioro Kuchenne lake south of Prusim at twenty one miles. From there, the road curves gently right as it keeps on climbing, then peaks at the highest elevation on the stage just before the finish at Rosbitek on the approach to Kwilcz.

Distance: 25 miles / 40 kilometres

Ascent: 614 feet / 187 metres

RGT Magic Road: t5UnLsMkYKCx

Total distance: 24.49 mi
Max elevation: 1032 ft
Min elevation: 770 ft
Total climbing: 614 ft
Total descent: -389 ft
Download file: Stage 36 - Around The World In 800 Days.gpx

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