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Stage 35 – Lemierzyce to Skwierzyna

Stage 35 is a challenging run east through western Poland, but the good news is that (a) there isn’t a huge amount of climbing (b) the vast majority of what there is comes before half way. The stage is uphill through the forest for fifteen miles miles, apart from a wee mad descent at 5 miles that’ll be gone in a flash, then it’s lumpy flat from fifteen to twenty before a steep descent and a gentle downhill run to the finish.

The rollout is lumpy flat for four miles that curve left through Karkoszow at two miles then there’s a right through Krzeszyce two miles later. There, route 22 crosses over the Postomia river before embarking on a long left curve to Graby at six miles: between the two towns, there’s a nasty little up/down at five miles in the middle of nowhere.

The main climb of the stage begins in earnest as the road curves right out of Graby. It’s a straight lumpy climb for three miles to Jeziorki before the road bends left and climbs on another straight road for another four miles, crossing over the Lubniewka river along the way at eleven miles.

The featureless landscape continues after halfway and it’s not until the road passes under the main autoroute 24 at twenty two miles that there’s anything of note to report. It’s at that intersection that the road meets up with the Obra river that’s flowing up from the south. The road finally crosses the river at twenty three miles, after which the highway bends left and runs into Skwierzyna where the finish line is just before the roundabout that has a Lidl store on it’s opposite side as you approach it.

Distance: 25 miles / 40 kilometres

Ascent: 305 feet / 93 metres

RGT Magic Road: xSHy8i9aQ3Yo

Total distance: 24.51 mi
Max elevation: 822 ft
Min elevation: 728 ft
Total climbing: 304 ft
Total descent: -262 ft

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