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Stage 340 – Denial Bay to Merghiny

The coastline of the Great Australian Bight cuts inland north of Saint Peter’s Island where stage 340 revisits the coast at Ceduna before heading back inland for the shortcut route to Port Augusta. Inevitably, that means a downhill run to the halfway mark and an uphill run away from it. C’est la vie!

The rollout is straight and lumpy downhill for six miles to Marnview where the Eyre Highway meets the railway and the road meanders left/straight/right/straight/right before heading due south into Ceduna at twelve miles. The change of course at the end of the initial straight chucks in a lumpy climb and descent either side of eight miles but the real fun in terms of climbing is reserved for the second half of the stage.

On arriving in Ceduna, the road loops around the golf course, keeping the course on its left hand side. The road hangs a left at the Arts Centre before briefly picking up the golf course again on the way out of town: that’s where the climb starts at twelve miles.

The road passes by the airport at fourteen miles, climbing as it does so, then continues straight and upwards to eighteen miles where a left hander crests the summit at the highest elevation of the stage at two hundred feet. After that there’s a lumpy descent to a gentle right hander at twenty one miles: there the road swings right as it climbs then descends to the finish in the final mile.

Distance: 22 miles / 35 kilometres

Ascent: 358 feet / 109 metres

RGT Magic Road: tCcb9xTHO1JZ

Total distance: 21.44 mi
Max elevation: 210 ft
Min elevation: 51 ft
Total climbing: 359 ft
Total descent: -361 ft

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